Before defining the concept of gambling, it must be said that it comes from the English word gambling, which translates as “gambling”. So what is gambling? In this case, we are talking about a game, the result of which is influenced not by the experience and skills of the player, but by chance (luck).

It is quite natural that the widespread use of the Internet could not but affect the sphere of gambling, therefore, more than 15 years ago, the first site entirely devoted to online gambling appeared. After the “pioneer”, such sites began to open one after another, and now Internet users have the opportunity to choose from a huge number of specialized resources. But how do online games on the World Wide Web differ from visiting a regular casino? Is it true that playing at home is no less interesting?

What is the peculiarity of online gambling in comparison with offline games and casinos?
Online gambling is a real opportunity to try the whole range of gambling games at home: poker, various versions of roulette, baccarat, craps, blackjack and other options coexist peacefully on the same site. The offered number of gambling programs is huge, and at the same time, many resources are trying to stand out in the eyes of users: some focus on the themes of popular superheroes in comics, others try to create a believable version of real slot machines. The game is often accompanied by interesting sound and visual effects.

Online gambling has the following advantages over gambling in a real casino:

– complete lack of interaction between the player and the dealer – the whole process is controlled by special programs;
– clear and understandable rules and pay tables, which you can get acquainted with at any time;
– the speed of the process (many online poker or blackjack players note that the absence of interlocutors greatly speeds up the game);
– the ability to play directly in an online browser based on Java software. In this case, users are required to download special software or install a separate application.

Another category of gambling is betting on the outcome of real events (sports competitions, various competitions, and even elections). Online bookmakers are engaged in such activities, the odds of which can be much higher than the offers in traditional bookmakers in Las Vegas.

Gambling in traffic arbitrage
Gambling offers are affiliate programs whose members are engaged in attracting new players to gambling sites. Users who want easy money not only enjoy clicking on the sponsored links, but also start playing right away. Each player who makes a deposit with a certain amount brings the affiliate a one-time income. True, some affiliate programs offer other payment schemes, which we will discuss below.

The following resources often act as advertisers in gambling affiliate programs:

– online casino. The functionality of such sites is similar to that of real casinos. The interface as accurately as possible conveys the key moments of the gaming hall (card tables, roulettes, slot machines, etc.), and the actions are accompanied by appropriate sound effects;
– poker sites. To attract fans of this game, various promotions, sweepstakes, tournaments are held;
– bookmakers (arbitrage specialists even call earnings on such affiliate programs with a special term “betting”).

How do you make money in gambling?
Gambling allows affiliates to generate income according to the following schemes:

–  CPA (payments for a specific action). Most often, we are talking about registering a new player and replenishing his balance on the site;
– RevShare. In this case, the source of the affiliate’s earnings is the loss of the players he attracted. Most often, the casino is ready to pay 20-60% of the amount lost by the user;
– A hybrid model that involves combining earnings from losses, registrations and replenishments;
– Sub-Affiliate. In this case, the source of income is not the players, but other affiliate marketers involved in the affiliate program. The average payout is 5% of the partner’s earnings.
Gambling affiliate programs often have a large margin: income can range from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars.

Target audience of gambling
Online gambling attracts users who are already tired of other entertainment. So, they are no longer interested in points in the ratings of online games and the struggle for virtual gold – there is a thirst for real earnings that online casinos and slot machines can satisfy. At the same time, there are categories that are not worth driving traffic to:

users under 23 years old, in whose real and virtual life there is already enough entertainment and vivid emotions;
women. This audience is not very suitable for classic online casinos. In some gambling affiliate programs, you can find special offers for women, but this happens quite rarely.
In which countries is gambling popular
Speaking about GEO, it is necessary to point out that gambling is popular almost everywhere: in the CIS, Europe, and the USA.

Quite good traffic conversion is noted when working with Russia, Ukraine, some members of the CIS, Italy. At the same time, Asian and South American countries usually perform poorly, and Tier-3 countries are traditionally difficult to work with, so it is rather rash to deal with them.

An important point: in some countries gambling is prohibited, therefore, when choosing a specific country, it is necessary to clarify how legal casinos are in any of their manifestations.

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